Moustache Crafts – Jewellery and Objects

On behalf of our dear friend Mitsos "Moustache" Economopoulos we decided to create a video which reflects his crafting skills and talent.
Our aim is to show how passionate and devoted "Moustache" is while he works on a particular project.
All of his work is handmade by using a great range of techniques. He generally prefers natural materials and finishes.
He is not a fan of power tools so he tries to use them as less as possible.

Directed by: Nikos Mexis | Kostas Koufiopoulos
Cinematography: Nikos Mexis
Video Editing | Sound Design: Kostas Koufiopoulos
Craftsman: Mitsos Economopoulos (facebook.com/moustachecrafts/?pnref=lhc)